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John Van Horn has been creating photographic images for close to 50 years. His early work started in high school and continued through his college years. After a long sabbatical, he returned to serious photographic pursuits with the introduction of practical digital photography.

365 Blog

Below is the original mission statement for the blog portion of the John Van Horn Photographer Website. John did however find it nearly impossible with his other commitments to post a photo everyday. Excuses, excuses… He was going to regularly post photos… that didn’t work, “regularly”. So, on June 1, 2013, still with too many things going on, he again committed to post a photo each day or at least one for each day. As of November 30, John is taking another break from the daily posts. Please do visit however to see the addtions and changes to this site.

“What is The 365 – 366 Project? It is quite simple. I have been very lax in updating this website and my portfolio. So in an attempt to correct this, starting Nov. 1, 2011 I am going to attempt to post one new picture, both from my current work or my files everyday for one year. My first thought was to call it The 365 Project, but 2012 is a leap year, so, well I think you have figured it out.

“I hope you enjoy my work over the course of the next year!”

That was then, now it is on to new projects, particularly the launch of John Van Horn Photo. And yes the traditional contact form is below, but be fore warned, I am not a great communicator.

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