Stone Wall Study No. 1 – Photo For June 23

The stone walls of the Northeastern United States dwarf in their combined mass the great pyramids of Egypt. These walls were constructed around farm fields, particularly in New England from the stone found in the fields themselves and new stone pushed up by the spring thaw grew in the fields almost as regularly as the crops. Many of these walls today bound long deserted fields that have reverted back to woodlands. I enjoy exploring these old walls in the woods, but find them very hard to photograph successfully. I will be sharing my efforts hopefully in the next few months as I attempt to record some of these wonderful structures.

6-23-13  Stone Wall

Come close to me, sit with me, sing to me,

Dance with me and touch me…

Feel me and tell me your heart’s desire…

Walk by my side and listen to the many stacked stone stories,

stories born out of the blustery autumn breeze, the gentle spring showers, the beating summer sun and the bitter winter snow…

Come to me as the earth and water, the air and fire once came close to me and let your story be stacked within mine, left transformed by Nature’s Way…            Nannette

Stone Wall Study No. 1

Stone Wall Study No. 1