The Printing Press

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the old printing press once used and now preserved by a large city newspaper. This thing is big, and as I photographed it, felt like I was in a movie from the 1940s with newsprint flying by and headlines jumping out.

Printing Press, Scranton Times, Scranton, PA

Scranton Times Old Pressroom

Fun With Old Box Cameras

I have been taking photos with old box cameras recently. Below is a multiple exposure from a camera that is about 90 years old. The composition is totally done in the camera, in this case advancing the film a half frame at a time and composing the photo. You don’t know if it worked until you develop the film. I then digitize the film and work on things like contrast and toning.

Bethlehem Furnaces, Yesteryear

Bethlehem Furnaces, Yesteryear