Sad Fate For A Boat

I have photographed the two shrimp boats that ran aground in Jarvis Creek on Hilton Head Island several times. They could not be salvaged and are now being broken up and hauled away. The Lady Essie was already gone when I made one more trip up the creek to photograph the Dianie. Even with fairly high water, I almost ran aground in this tricky channel, and I only need about two feet to stay afloat. I was however able to get fairly close to the boat. It is a sad sight, the loss of a shrimp boat and the demise of someone’s livelihood.

Dianie, Grounded In Jarvis Creek, Hilton Head Island, SC

Dianie, Grounded In Jarvis Creek, Hilton Head Island, SC

Shrimp Boats, South Carolina – Photo For June 26

It is shrimping season in South Carolina… Thought this would be a good follow up photo from yesterday. There are shrimp docks throughout the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia. It is however an industry that has been on the decline for many years, caused by cheap imported and farm raised shrimp, high fuel costs and fisheries that are not producing as they once did (potential causes are most likely pollution and not over fishing). Fishing is like farming, some years are better than others, and you have got to like it, because you probably are not going to get rich doing it…

Love at first sight…
I will rest by your side in the calm waters.
And in the perfect storm pray I return to you…
I am in you and you in me.
We remain each other’s reflection
In both the still and stormy waters
Love is not blind, it seas….                    Nannette

Shrimp Boats, South Carolina

Shrimp Boats, South Carolina, Spring 2013