Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach, Florida

Fort Pickens is one of those massive masonry fortresses built for coastal defense prior to our Civil War. Most of the fortress and its 21,500,000 bricks have survived a war, a massive accidental explosion and numerous hurricanes. My visit extended over three days when the weather was less than ideal, punctuated by periods of rain and heavy fog. Because of these conditions, I spent most of my time photographing the gun casements and bastions. They were in most cases dark, damp and cold, but fascinating. The brickwork with the interlocking massive arches is fantastic!

Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach, Florida - Fog

Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach, Florida – Fog

Railroads In Black And White – Photo For November 19

I have again fallen behind in my postings. Been working on a new project, learning Adobe Muse, design software for websites. It is different than Adobe Dreamweaver, no code, simpler interface, and appears to be a lot of fun! I am going to soon, hopefully, redo a small site I registered last year, railroad Stay tuned, but in the interim, will post periodically a few old railroad photographs. This photograph was taken around 1970 of the Bay Head, NJ, loop, where passenger trains were turned around for their return to journey to North Jersey and New York City.

Penn Central  No. 1, Bay Head, NJ

Penn Central No. 1