Pond Study In Infrared No. 4 – Photo For June 28

Back to this study today and perhaps another in the near future, had a prolonged rain storm last night, which makes for many interesting photographic possibilities. For this one, wish I had carried a long lens with me, there is a fisherman in a boat on the right part of the photo that would have been very interesting if larger…

Pond Study In Infrared No. 4 - Wayne County PA

Pond Study In Infrared No. 4 – Wayne County PA

Power – Photo For June 27

Staying with the boat theme from the last couple of days, thought I would include a view that most people do not see. This photograph is of a diesel engine, one of two that power an old tug boat in the Florida Keys. Engine rooms are very interesting spaces, usually crowded with large mechanical units with just enough room around them to inspect and maintain them. For a photographer, the lighting is always a challenge, but adds to the aura of the place as does the ever present smell of oil.

The human heart of steel;
Powerfully pumping
Perfect pressure
Pulling our heavy load
Patiently to the dock of our destination…          Nannette

Tug Boat Diesel, Florida Keys, Feb 2013

Tug Boat Diesel, Florida Keys, Feb 2013

Shrimp Boats, South Carolina – Photo For June 26

It is shrimping season in South Carolina… Thought this would be a good follow up photo from yesterday. There are shrimp docks throughout the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia. It is however an industry that has been on the decline for many years, caused by cheap imported and farm raised shrimp, high fuel costs and fisheries that are not producing as they once did (potential causes are most likely pollution and not over fishing). Fishing is like farming, some years are better than others, and you have got to like it, because you probably are not going to get rich doing it…

Love at first sight…
I will rest by your side in the calm waters.
And in the perfect storm pray I return to you…
I am in you and you in me.
We remain each other’s reflection
In both the still and stormy waters
Love is not blind, it seas….                    Nannette

Shrimp Boats, South Carolina

Shrimp Boats, South Carolina, Spring 2013

Mill Stone Wall – Photo For June 24

Thought I would stay with the stone wall topic, but in this case, it is the wall of an old mill in Maryland. Photo shows an interesting mixture of stone work capped by bricks with a door the goes to nowhere and an old broken window.

What was is no longer…
Closed doors
Broken windows
Crumbling bricks
Shifting stones
When, Why, How, did it all end…
Heart closed
Spirit broken
Life crumbling
Mind shifting and slipping away.

What was is no longer…
Unable to enter back in,
All access denied….                Nannette

Old Mill Stone Wall

Old Mill Stone Wall

Stone Wall Study No. 1 – Photo For June 23

The stone walls of the Northeastern United States dwarf in their combined mass the great pyramids of Egypt. These walls were constructed around farm fields, particularly in New England from the stone found in the fields themselves and new stone pushed up by the spring thaw grew in the fields almost as regularly as the crops. Many of these walls today bound long deserted fields that have reverted back to woodlands. I enjoy exploring these old walls in the woods, but find them very hard to photograph successfully. I will be sharing my efforts hopefully in the next few months as I attempt to record some of these wonderful structures.

6-23-13  Stone Wall

Come close to me, sit with me, sing to me,

Dance with me and touch me…

Feel me and tell me your heart’s desire…

Walk by my side and listen to the many stacked stone stories,

stories born out of the blustery autumn breeze, the gentle spring showers, the beating summer sun and the bitter winter snow…

Come to me as the earth and water, the air and fire once came close to me and let your story be stacked within mine, left transformed by Nature’s Way…            Nannette

Stone Wall Study No. 1

Stone Wall Study No. 1

Pond Study In Infrared No. 3 – Photo For June 22

I am continuing this series and intend to take some more photos today and have not yet edited some I took Thursday. This is one that I have taken advantage of the infrared look and Nannette added an interesting take on interpreting the photo.

Can this study be the start of a warm moist summer solstice in the north, or the beginning of a cold crisp winter in the south….

Move from the edge and enter into these waters, naked and vulnerable or heavily clothed and protected,

But enter your must, into the warm or cold season of your soul….                      Nannette

Pond Study In Infrared No. 3

Pond Study In Infrared No. 3

Taneytown, Maryland Feed Mill – Photo For June 21

This mill first appears in one of my photographs in 1968, and I have returned in recent years numerous times to photograph this interesting structure. This photograph was taken two weeks ago. Last year I did a small study of old feed mills in this area, north of Hagerstown, Maryland. If you wish to see this study, click on the link below and it will take you to it in a book format:

Feed Mills 2012

Taneytown, Maryland Feed Mill 2013, No. 1

Taneytown, Maryland Feed Mill 2013, No. 1