Neutra’s Gettysburg Cyclorama – Spring 2011 – Photo(s) for Nov. 13

As you can see from my post yesterday, I have enjoyed photographing the Gettysburg Cyclorama. Today I am doing something a little different. Instead of one photo, I am doing a slide show of the photos taken at the same time as the one posted yesterday. I was concentrating on details during this visit, which unfortunately was very short, about an hour. The reflections, windows and shutters all seemed to draw me in on a late afternoon with grey skies. These were taken in color and converted to black and white with a slight toning added. The slide show is produced using oQey plugin for WordPress.

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Gettysburg Cyclorama, Window Reflection No. 1 – Photo for Nov. 12

I have always felt a special connection with Richard Neutra’s, Gettysburg Cyclorama Building. I visited many times during the nearly 50 years it was open. I have viewed the battlefield from its observation platform, bought books in its bookstore, used the upstairs lobby to study photographs with friends and work on photographic equipment and did view the Gettysburg Cyclorama, which was the central purpose of the building. Today, this architecturally significant structure is deserted and the National Park Service wants to demolish it. I have been photographing the building whenever I am in the area. This photo was taken last March. I intend to post more of these photos.

Gettysburg Cyclorama, Window Reflection No. 1

Gettysburg Cyclorama, Window Reflection No. 1